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EURO RP 2001 Conference

Christian LAVIGNE, cybersculptor

Ars Mathematica association
1, Cour de Rohan, 75006 Paris, France
phone: 33-(0)1 43 26 45 85

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Panel 7
State of the art and prospects in digital sculpture
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Since the 50's and 60's, when Pierre BEZIER put forward the idea of  "Sculpture Assistée par Ordinateur" (Computer Assisted Sculpture), a few artists have decided to explore the new possibilities of computers and robotics to create (to design and to build) sculptures. During the early 90's we was less than a dozen of "computer sculptors" who have succeeded in using NC machines and RP devices. 10 years after this new discipline is becoming THE essential practice for the future of sculpture - and related activities like design and architecture.
More and more artists use RP devices, 3D digitisers and 3D printers. The high-tech firms are more and more open-minded about a partnership with sculptors (...and reciprocally), and we hear again whispering the inspiration of the Renaissance mind: art and technology were born in the same crucible.
Moreover, after the Personal Computer and the Internet Revolutions (equipment and connectivity became affordable at the end of XXth century), we see the machines of the RP world becoming cheaper and cheaper, offering a larger and larger range of available materials: another Revolution is coming, and artists are always concerned by Revolutions!
We will show some of the recent uses of RP and 3D devices in art around the world, and we will envisage the possible collaboration to come between artists, engineers, museums and e-business firms.


computer or digital sculpture, infosculpture, robosculpture, cybersculpture, 3D art, RP art, cybergallery, e-RP-business.



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