IS 2007 / 5th Digital Sculpture Competition / Jury


Dr. I. Gibson graduated in electronic engineering at Hull University, UK, in 1984 and obtained his Ph.D. in robotics at Hull University in 1988. After two years in industry designing and building machine vision systems, he returned to Hull University to do post-doctoral research into the robotic handling of flexible materials.

In 1991 Dr. Gibson joined Nottingham University as a Lecturer in Industrial Automation, At this time he became a founding member of the Rapid Prototyping Research Group, running a number of research programmes. Dr. Gibson was particularly involved with elements of rapid prototyping relating to automation and also ran the Centre for Rapid Prototyping. Dr. Gibson has also helped organise a number of rapid prototyping conferences. He is also one of the two founding editors of the Journal of Rapid Prototyping.

Dr. Gibson is a Chartered Engineer, Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, and Senior Member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. On joining the Department in 1994, he is continuing with his interest in automation and rapid prototyping and progressing with his aim to develop a Flexible Rapid Prototyping Cell. As a member of the CAD/CAM group, he is responsible for the operation of the Selective Laser Sintering Machine, and the rapid prototyping facility in the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laboratory.

Dr. Gibson specialises in the development of multiple-material and colour RP. He is particular interested in application development of RP and has carried out research with many departments including orthopaedic surgery, anatomy, and architecture. It is the work with architects that has led to his interest in Intersculpt.

Since 2006, Dr. Ian Gibson is Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore, where he specialises in Rapid Product Development, Rapid Prototyping and Industrial Design. 

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